Sunday, November 8, 2009

Taylor Swift.... Singer AND Comedian

Well we all know that Taylor Swift is wholesome and cute... but who knew she was so funny? Ughh.. it makes her even more adorable.

Her opening monologue on SNL last night covered all the basics: her break-up with the girly older Jonas brother, her current relationship with the hot werewolf of Twilight and the whole Kanye MTV fiasco. I can only imagine Miley Cyrus was crying and sobbing into her pillow last night screaming "Why aren't I hosting SNL?!"

I have an answer for Miley. Taylor is not annoying, does not have an obnoxious raspy voice that is a knotch down from Lindsay Lohan and she does not wear booty shorts but sparkly dresses that actually cover her ass cheeks. She does not Twitter and she is not friends with Heidi and Spencer.

There was another highlight of the night. I love when SNL does these short skits mocking "The View" but to top it all off Taylor Swift took on the role of Kate Gosselin for the clip (beaver on head included). However, this made me miss Cheri Oteri's impersonation of Baw-bwa Walters. The new chick that is on the show tried but did not deliver. She sounded more like a lollipop kid from Munchkinland than Walters. Enjoy!

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