Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goodbye Beaver.... Goodbye Dogs

Kate was taping "The View" this week and to my horror she got mini makeover from their style team. Everyone is going crazy with glee over her new hair"do" but really "don't." They just put in some lowlights and introduced "the beav weave" on her head to a curling iron. How dare they tamper with the hair style of the year? It's "The Rachel" of 2009. Now it's gone... *sigh* gone...

Kate Gosselin leaving her hotel in NYC Kate Gosselin Returns To Her NYC Hotel After Taping The View !

Speaking of gone... while Kate was away Gross Goss decided to bring the family dogs Shoka and Nala back to the breeder. He is allegedly saying that he made this move because Kate wasn't taking care of the dogs while he was away and it wasn't fair to the dogs.

Oh but wait. It's not fair to EIGHT children that their father hasn't had time to take care of them but he's out babysitting his twenty two year old girlfriend and making poolside appearences in Vegas? Can we send you and your mid-life crisis back to your breeder Gross Goss? Your mothers basement possibly? Or maybe even a farm... far far away.

Jon Gosselin and kids play in the yard in Reading, PA

I hope Shoka and Nala stay together and find a LOVING home!

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