Sunday, September 6, 2009

That's Not Donna Martin!

GQ 2008 Men Of The Year Party - Inside
Donna Martin is gonna be very mad at you David Silver!

Like... pa-issssss-ed! Even more so than the time Donna almost didn't graduate.

Even though Brian Austin Green can't get an acting job in Hollywood... he still continues to date one of the hottest actresses of the year. I am not sure how this makes sense, however, I have an inkling that it's because Megan Fox isn't from Beverly Hills but from a distant town far away called Crazytown. Yes... a town such as this exists.... friends like Britney and Lindsay have come from there as well. This town breeds fame and stupidity.

There is constant buzz that Fox is the mini-me of Angelina Jolie. The only reason why people compare Fox to Jolie is because of the following: they're both beautiful, full of tattoos, very sexual, oh and because they are certifiably nuts. Don't get me wrong... I am not a fan of Angie because we all know about the "stealing the world's sexiest man alive from the most adorable woman in the world" thing.... but I must give homegirl props for actually doing movies that land her Oscar wins and nominations.... Megan Fox... hmmm not so much.

I don't think she'll be getting a nomination for her role in Transformers anytime soon...yes maybe for a Teen Choice or MTV Award thanks to the booty shorts she wears and the adoration from pubescent boys but that's about it. Her new movie Jennifer's Body she is a possessed cheerleader who feeds off of boys in her small town. Seems very D-list... I am shocked she couldn't get her boyfriend a role in this movie but I have a feeling this whole acting gig won't last too long. Hef will be calling her to pose for Playboy in a few months... and she'll need the cash to support her and David Silver.

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