Friday, September 25, 2009

"Mackenzie" and the "Papa"

'Annie' Kids' Night To Benefit Those Oprhaned By Hurricane KatrinaOedipus Rex
Oedipus Rex... please meet Mackenzie Phillips.
You uhhhmm...well... you both have something sort of in common.

Some of you may know of Mackenzie Phillips. She was the lead on the tv show One Day at a Time in the 70's. She has famous siblings Chynna and Bijou Phillips. And everyone knows of her father John Phillips from "The Mammas and the Pappas."

Mackenzie is no stranger to the gossip glossies throughout the years due to her heavy addiction to drugs. So I was not surprised to hear she was appearing on Oprah this week to promote her book "High Upon Arrival."

There were whispers about how she had some "explosive news." I was waiting for her to announce she was going on Celebrity Rehab on VH1 with Dr. Drew and had another hiccup in her sobriety since she got arrested last year when they were going to film a reunion show for One Day at a Time on The Rachael Ray Show.

However, I was NOT expecting the bombshell she dropped. She went on to tell Oprah that she and her father had a consensual sexual relationship that lasted about 10 years. When she got pregnant and didn't know if her own father was the father of her baby ...she then ended the affair immediatley. This brings a whole knew level to the saying "who's your baby daddy?"

Some may say this is just to promote her book and make money, however, Mackenzie told Oprah the reason: "I understand this is a difficult thing for my family but nobody's talking about this, and if I've started a national dialogue, then I'm forever grateful."

Well... there is certainly a national dialgoue about you going around....

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