Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar in 3D is a MUST SEE!

Put down your shovel if you were caught in this snowstorm over the weekend and clear off your car and drive to the closest movie theater and see this movie.

When I first saw the previews for this I thought to myself, "great, humanized Smurfs on steroids" but then I became sort of intrigued. I went to the movie theater and got my bucket of overly buttered popcorn (Paula Deen would be proud) my super size Coca Cola Classic and was handed these super weird 3D glasses out of hard plastic. What? No more paper thin glasses with the red and blue lenses? Oh yes, we've come a long way my friends.

The movie began and even though it was 2 hours and 40 minutes (sorry if you have restless leg syndrome) it goes by quickly and you become consumed in the world of Pandora. A MUST SEE in 3D!

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