Sunday, December 27, 2009

Can't Wait to be CARRIEd Away... Again! SATC 2 Trailer!

2010 will bring good things... I can feel it... in fact I KNOW it!

On May 28th I will get to see my four very bestfriends again. I will get to gawk wide eyed at Carrie's fashion. It never fails- even when I watch this clip- I first look at her outfits and think how ridiculous she looks then I realize the genius behind them. Kind of like Lady GaGa- it is frightening at first... then once you take a longer look it just makes sense.

I watched the trailer and will admit right when I heard Alicia Keyes in the background singing "New Yooorrkkk" with clips of the city and then wait for it... wait for it... Carrie walk out of those double doors I did a squealing shriek much like a little girl watching the Twilight series for the first time.

The goosebumps raised on my arm and I reverted back to that young girl in my pajamas sipping a glass of cheap Pinot Grigio while stuffing my face with gobs of Smartfood popcorn on a Sunday night with the remote clicking to HBO. My dreams captured in a 30 minute show with SJP living the life I so wished for.

I am not sure what is up with the vacation to the desert and camels but I cannot wait to find out. Mark your calendar ladies and gents' (since you will be dragged there by your girlfriend).... summer just got a little hotter! Literally... I mean seriously where are they in the Sahara?

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