Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brit-nay at Tar-shay

Britney decided to roll out of bed.... grabbed her cheetah print wallet..... and sacheted down the aisles of Tar-shay. I was in shock that she walked right past the Pizza Hut in the front of the store. My only conclusion is that she was on a mission. Was she out of tampons? Was she out of milk? Did the boys need diapers? But oh no... we all know Brit to well. I can only assume she was out of one thing.

Brit must have went to through her kitchen cabinets and realized she was out of .....Cheetos.

From personal experience I think they are in Aisle 5. Oh.. and try to swing by Aisle 8 that's where the underwear section is. But stay away from Aisle 2.. that's where the meds are.

Britney Spears goes shopping at Target in Calabasas

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