Saturday, October 3, 2009

She's Gonna Make It After All...BUT "The Hills"... Probably Not

Mercedes-Benz Presents Fashion Week Spring 2010 People & Atmosphere � Day 7Mary Tyler Moore

*Sigh* am I the only one that misses Lauren Conrad on "The Hills?"

It's just not the same... It's like Mary Tyler Moore leaving her show and having the show still continue another season. Not to mention I don't think I can with stand watching the terrible acting skills of Kristin Cavallari.

However, there is a another terrible character on the show besides Kristin now.

Flesh colored beard was SO last season(holla Joel McHale)... meet "The Pratt Hat...."

Heidi And Spencer Pratt Shopping For Baby Clothes On July 29 2009 in Los Angeles
I don't really understand it. But I am hoping that since Heidi has turned into a religious freak she prays for this to go away. No...not just that hat... Spencer.

Check out the below clip of this terrible two-some on The View Thursday. Props to Spencer for not wanting to have a baby... I don't want these two procreating.

P.S.Thoughts about Spencer's multi- stone Joan Rivers QVC necklace in this clip? On special for $29.99!

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