Friday, October 23, 2009

My First Celebrity Crush...

Ok... so I guess my first celebrity crush was really Bill Pullman in Spaceballs but I don't think that counts. I enjoyed the movie but I was too young to understand how stupid it was. Maybe it was the brown leather coat he wore- anyways....I digress.

Giorgio Armani 5th Avenue Store Opening Reception

I used to love this man ... I mean boy.....ummm since I guess he doesn't seem to look as though he went through any kind of puberty. On a for serious note-that beard on his face has been growing since 1997.

Like most girls in their twenties.. I remember him on "Growing Pains" as Luke. Then he got his big break in Romeo and Juliet... you know the movie that made the classic love story modernized and in the point of view of someone tripping on bad acid?

I hated Claire Danes for the longest time but then Kate Winslet was my next archenemy. Titanic hit the theaters and I went from seasick to violently lovesick in about 2.5 seconds. I would buy BOP magazine and Tiger Beat for the fold out posters inside. Pshhh JTT and Devon Sawa... where is Leo? I would say as I rustled through the glossy pages like a drug addict anxiously awaiting their next fix. My bedroom looked like a serial killer lived in it from my magazine wallpaper of his face. My family was actually frightened. I had come down with "Leo Hysteria." Side effects are creepy with a mix of ridiculous.

I don't know what happened. It happens to every girl one time in their life. That celebrity crush that you loved oh so much just fades away. It's like I woke up one morning and took down the Leonard wallpaper I worked so tiredlessly cutting and lunch money thrown away on those teeny bobber magazines. All down the drain.

It would have never worked out between me and my imaginary soul mate. He only dates Victoria's Secrets models and though I worked there for six years of my life at my local mall- I am the girl who sells the bras and panties at the register- not wearing them half naked in catalogs. My diet does not consist of air and water....I don't speak with a funny accent....and I am not pregnant with Tom Brady's love child.

I guess I grew up.... I became a woman.... I moved on to bigger, better and more mature things.

Brad Pitt was my next crush.

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TDC said...

I think I remember your bedroom being plastered with his posters...