Sunday, October 11, 2009

Marge Simpson will be in Playboy

Move over little bunnies... make room for a cartoon cougar!
Marge Simpson will be posing for the November issue of Playboy.
'The Simpsons' turn Angolan for Africa's DStv
Growing up I had watched The Simpsons religiously and I was always mezmerized by Marge's big blue mound of hair on top of her head. Her hair is the perfect mix of a beehive, Bride of Frankenstein and a berry bush all in one. In fact, it's so unique it makes Kate Gosselin jealous. It's the "it" doo in the animation world.
Now that she will be showing some skin in the upcoming October 16th issue I am hoping she makes a visit to Springfield's best waxing salon... uhhh if you know what I mean.

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