Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"A Clooney"

George Clooney filming new Nespresso ads in Milan
You take the good… you take the bad… you take them both and there you have The Facts of Life…. AND my first glimpse of a delicious beef cake Mrs. Garrett baked up. George Clooney. He played a handy man… (insert crude joke here).

I do enjoy Anderson Cooper who is also known as a "silver fox", however, I am prefer more of a salt and pepper shaken guy. George’s locks are a perfect dash of both. It’s the “I am old… but not that old” look.

AND one of his best friends is Brad Pitt. It’s like a mini “DILF” club but the perk is Clooney doesn’t have any children. The only downfall is he had a pet pig at one time so swine flu may be living in the crevice of his living room floor…. watch your step.

But really… what is it in men that they age so much more gracefully than women? The older they get, the more attractive they become. Even though Johnny Depp is a big basket of crazy ....look how good he looks for his age ( well….when he isn’t wearing those weird glasses and actually brushes his teeth). We have to worry about everything dropping and you men just have to worry about one thing going up. It's so frustrating.

This is my mini ode' to older men. Young women don't just date you because you have a nice sports car or money... if you're lucky they're dating you because your actually attractive...hence... "A Clooney."

Erica Dictionary:
A Clooney (A Clu-knee): a VERY fit, rich and attractive older man who may be old enough to be your father ....but sure as hell isn't.

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