Friday, July 31, 2009

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 2 Rundown: From Oranges to Apples, From Hairspray to Peaches.”

2nd Annual A-List Awards - Arrivals

NeNe’s back… BAM! And I couldn’t be more excited. She’s rocking a new short hair doo… while Kim is still rocking her long fake Dolly Parton wig. It seems that she has taken some hairspray lessons from the New Jersey housewives.

Sheree has finally cut her ties with Kim. In a clip she can be seen angerly attempting to rip off Kim’s weave in this upcoming season. Watching this footage I couldnt help but have a Jerry Springer flashback. Rewind to me me sitting in my living room in high school with my mouth gaped open eating a bowl of Coco Puffs cereal seeing wigs ripped off and chairs flying. I was in disbelief that people could do this on national tv. Especially seeing this NOW with these women who are supposed to be highly regarded.

There is a new housewife in the mix adding some of her own sweetness to these juicy peaches…. Kandi. I didn’t stutter… her name is Kandi. With that name I have a feeling she may have crossed paths with Kim at an Atlanta club working the pole if you if you know what I mean. She wrote the hit songs “Scrubs” by TLC and “Bills Bills Bills” for Destiny’s Child and I am thinking she might possibly know from experience.

Plus we may catch a glimpse of Kim's boyfriend, "Big Poppa," this season... I wonder if he loves it whe she calls him this. I think I know a potential wedding dance song for these two crazy kids if this blossoms into marriage in the future (he of course would have to get a divorce first).

What bums me out is this season doesn’t look too exciting AND it's throwing me off because its time slot is not on the usual Tuesday night lineup. But I don’t think anything can top those table flipping New Jersey crazies.... yet. They need to come to come film "The Real Housewives of Connecticut" and see some of the cougarlish crazies that reside here. We don't really have a fruit for them to hold up in the promo... but a tennis racket would do.

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Housing said...

U make me laugh, u me coco puffs were the days