Monday, July 27, 2009

"Hot Mess Kitchen" with Gordon Ramsay

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I usually don’t watch Gordon Ramsay. I always thought that instead of his show being called “Hell’s Kitchen” I say it should be called “Hot Mess.”

You see....Ramsay is like the obnoxious Simon Cowell of food. In his tight chef coat with his arms crossed he just stares at you with those evil eyes before he goes completely lemon marang on your ass. You could make a meal that’s main ingredient was called “delicious” and he would still regurgitate it like a bird and call you an imbusel.

It amazes me that we find entertainment and joy out of this man yelling at chefs each week. He is the only man that I think can make a grown man cry over a soggy piece of wilted lettuce. I remember one episode he actually yelled at an obese chef for sweating on the food….which I agree is totally gross… but back up G. Ram… I don’t think I have hallucinated the many times during your psycho babble rants your spit projectiled into a cornish hen or two. That has to be some sort of food sanitation violation.

I remember reading on TMZ awhile back he burnt his nether regions by cooking commando too close to the stove. And going commando has cooked up some trouble from this chef more times than one. I am not going to get into his alleged cheating scandal… but all I am going to say is karma comes to bite you in the arse my friend… and in your case…. Your meatballs : )

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