Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jen Aniston... The Girl Next Door

Jennifer Aniston filming The Bounty in NYC

Jennifer Aniston has been “America’s Sweetheart” since she had “The Rachel” on Friends. This started wayyyy back…. I mean… it was super popular when I was in sixth grade. I remember walking the halls of my middle school and seeing every eleven year old girl sporting the short angled haircut. Then I remember walking outside at 2 p.m. when the bell rang and was mystified seeing mothers in their car rocking out the same doo. Creepy. Almost as creepy that they actually made Aniston’s character attracted to David Schwimmer. The show’s writers must have drank way too much “Central Perk” to go along with that storyline.

Move over Kendra, Holly and Bridget….Aniston soon became the epitome of the hot “girl next door.” She didn’t have to resort low cut shirts to show her breasts, dye her hair platinum or wear a ton of makeup. She was naturally beautiful (besides the nose job)…. But most importantly- not a Plain Jane. When I think of the girl next door, I admit, I tend to stereotype. I associate this type of girl as wearing black North Face fleeces and no makeup with mousey brown hair. Gag. Boring. Aniston I think is the only person that could turn a plain Gap t-shirt and cargo pants into high fashion sprucing it up with a trendy bag or simply elegant sandals. Love it. Suddle and sheik not loud and skank: take note Angelina (dig).

She was married to one of the hottest men to grace the universe and since has been linked to the likes of Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler. Seriously the woman is genius. She is the woman every man wants to take home to mom and every girl wants to be best friends with. She has the bragging rights to trump any woman in Hollywood. Some may feel bad for her… I say BRAVO!

Note: Speaking of Bravo… stay tuned for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 2 Rundown: From Oranges to Apples, From Hairspray to Peaches.”

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