Sunday, July 26, 2009

K-Fed Stop Feeding Your Face

Kevin Federline Keeps It Hefty As He Hits The Links!
Open Letter to K-FED....

K-FED needs to stop feeding his face. I have grown a soft spot (no pun intended) for this little greaseball. He basically ruined our beloved pop princess Britney Spears and I hated him for a long time because it. His dirtyness rubbed off on her... remember those awful trucker caps and she would go into public bathrooms and places with no shoes on? She had Cheeto crumbs all over her face like a coke addict who missed their nose. With her downward sprial beginning ... I remember seeing K-Fed in my magazines partying in Vegas... he thought he was so cool and clever coming out with the horrendous single PO PO ZOW! Ughhhh... he was that guy all of our friends have dated and you just think to yourself WHY? But you have to be nice and tolerate him until she comes to her senses. Britney finally did... however....

to put it nicely, Brit Brit went on the road to crazytown. Shaving off her hair, talking in British accents like Madonna. She was ignoring her kids who then spent more time with the Fedmeister. When his manager saw that he was beggining to pudge up I am sure he suggested "to get buff" however, Kevin in turn thought "buff" was an abbreviation for "buffallo chicken."

So this is my open note to K-Fed. I understand your recent exercise routine is pushing the double stroller. That's a great arm work out... but you just need to do a little more.... Set a healthy example for your kids since Britney is trying to get her crap together. Allright Po Po Zow... we don't want you looking like a cow. Add that track to your next single. Word.

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