Sunday, August 30, 2009

Child Please.... with OchoCinco

Hard Knocks S05E01 - Chad Ochocinco: "Child Please"
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I took some Spanish in middle school so I know that Ocho Cinco means the numbers 8 and 5. But oh no...after watching the "Hardknocks" on HBO featuring pre-season training camp following the Cincinnati Bengals.... OchoCinco has taken on so much more than just a number.

Meet Estaban OchoCinco.... he is the wide reciever number 85. (side note to Esteban: you should really be called Ochenta y Cinco) He has gone by more names than P Diddy. His real name is Chad Johnson.... he then went by Chad OchoCinco... and NOW added some extra spice on the field going by Esteban OchoCinco.

You would think Esteban would love him some Taco Bell but he is a firm believer in "lovin it" at McDonalds. He says he feels good but does have what some would call "the worst diet in the world." He pulls up to the golden arch drive through and orders the following (his own breakfast of champions):
Hotcakes with sausage, two sausage egg McMuffins and a large orange juice.

In OchoCinco's Words:
Child Please Philospohy # 1

"Breakfast, lunch, dinner right here." as he holds a ginormous red carton of fries. "Eat what u wanna eat and work out the way you are supposed to. That movie "Supersize Me"... Man please.... it's a freakin movie. Not realistic. Child please... that's what that gets."

Not only does he eat on a budget... he shops on a budget too. My kind of man. In the accessories store "Claire's" you can find little tweens shopping for headbands, necklaces and rings but you can also find OchoCinco shopping for his fake diamond stud earrings for $12.50.
In OchoCinco's Words:
Child Please Philosophy # 2
"You dont have to go spend 20, 30, 130, or 150..I get the same effect with these right here man. See?" As he holds up the cheap diamond studded earings. "See that... when I take these out the package and put these right on..... same thing. Just cause you got money doesn't mean you have to go spend it."

Even though he is on the field running and catching... those hands and feet need some kind of a break right? OchoCinco's Friday routine consists of getting his manicure/pedicure. By the looks of those feet that poor nail tech better be getting one hell of a supersize tip.

So lets recap: McDonalds, Claire's and manicure/pedicure... seems like a day in the life of of a sixteen year old girl not a wide reciever... CHILD PLEASE.

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