Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lose That Guy in 10 Days......

Kate Hudson with mom, Goldie Hawn, and Kurt Russell at the NY Yankees game

Kate Hudson… I beg you to take some advice from your movie and “Lose THAT guy in 10 days.” And you know what guy I am referring to. “A to the Roid” Alex Rodriguez. Do you really want to be Madonna’s sloppy seconds? Speaking of which.... Madonna’s emaciated and veiny arms have given me nightmares this past week. With all of the Michael Jackson nostalgia airing I glanced up at the TV and had mistaken one of the zombie’s from the "Thriller" video for the material girl. My personal message to her is just because you adopt children from a third world country doesn’t mean you have to eat their native diet… nothing.

It’s like Madonna has walked right out of Kate’s Mom's (Goldie Hawn) movie “Death Becomes Her.” She is doing everything in her power to win immortality when pretty soon we’ll see a hole in her stomach and her neck able to swivel to her back.

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