Monday, August 31, 2009

Chris Brown(nosing) on Larry King

Chris Brown had decided to go on Larry King this week to discuss the events of what transpired between him and Rihanna that violent filled night a few months back.

It looks as though Chris went into Larry's closet and grabbed that powder blue disaster of a sweater that would make Mr. Rogers proud, then took a bow tie from the Pee Wee Herman collection, then finished it off with huge diamond studs from John Gosselin's jewelry box.

This interview gets better, after my initial shock of seeing what he was wearing.... he then opened his mouth and says he doesn't remember doing it. Umhum. Just because your mother is next to you in your interview and you used to tell her "you didn't remember" why you didn't clean the dishes or clean your room this WILL NOT get you out of not being able to remember why you took multiple sucker punches to your ex-girlfriend. Not cool. Own up to what you did.

Side note: Did anyone else seem to notice who his mother may have copied her haircut from?

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