Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Flipping Out" Over Jeff Lewis ....

NBC Universals TCA Press Tour Party 2009

I could hardly contain my excitement last night... I felt like I was five years old again and I was awaiting Santa to bring me a gift. But in this case.... my gift was an overly tanned and botoxed man with OCD. "Flipping Out" on Bravo premiered yesterday and after waiting patiently"The Rachel Zoe Project" comes back next week.... I get to hear her slang again...."bananas!" "I die." Yikes... and by the looks of it so will Rachel if she doesnt eat a sandwich.... but we'll get to that next week when the show airs.

So Jeff is still certifiably crazy. His lips seem even more plumper than last season- they remind me of that deformed fish you have in your fish tank that just floats around and you make up some sad name like "Fluffer" or "Gilly" due to it's physical handicap. His lips look like THAT fish. His face is perfectly manscaped... like one of his landscapers or gardeners did him a favor after they managed the outside property.

I can't help but let out a sigh when his old lover/now business partner, Ryan, appears on screen. He reminds me of a less attractive Nate... all you ladies know Nate...the hot guy on Oprah who gives homes a makeover and can be seen at your local Bed Bath and Beyond with his face plastered all over comforter, sheets and pillow packaging. Umhum... I bet I would sleep well in Nate's sheets.

His assistant Jenny resembles Julia Lois Dreyfuss.... I keep waiting for Seinfield to come around the corner and say "What's Goin' On Around Here?! " She could easily quit her job with Jeff and be Elaine's stunt double. Easy.

And my favorite: I love how Jeff's housekeeper Zoila tilts her head like a confused puppy as she looks at him with dazed eyes upon an order he gives - she doesnt understand a word of English besides saying "STOT Jeeeeehhhh." That sentence actually needed subtitles at the bottom of the screen "Stop Jeff." I cannot make this stuff up.....

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