Thursday, August 27, 2009

Edward Cullen....Vampire to Barbie?

If Ken wanted to drink Barbie's blood he would look like this....

Twilight characters immortalised in plastic as Barbie dolls

Bella and Edward are out of Forks and in a Barbie World..."wrapped in plastic... and it's fantastic." I can't wait for the little girl who plays with these dolls to grow up. Before you know it she'll be sixteen in high school not talking to her parents wearing all black with piercings all over her face and eyeliner on her eyes and lips. For serious.

All I know is that this Edward doll needs some sun like whoa. He may like drinking type A blood but is in dire need for some vitamin D. Not to mention the hair on both dolls look like it was taken from extra scraps from Kim Zolciak and Donald Trumps' weave lines. These dolls don't look anything like the real Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart below.

Take a look at Exhibit A for "Akward" (left) and Exhibit B for "Beautiful"(right)

2009 MTV Movie Awards held in Universal City, California

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