Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paula vs. The Cold Hearted Snake......the FOX network

Paula Abdul arrives back at Burbank airport

Paula Abdul is no longer on the worldwide kareoke challenge "American Idol." Thank you sweet Jesus! It’s about time! It’s like a car salesman teaching a priest how to be holy. She is NOT a good singer and yet she was still preaching to the choir (no pun intended) to these young talents on what they needed to be better at with their pitch/vocals. How does this make any sense?

I cannot stand the“FOX” network they are not what I consider to be “fair and balanced” but I say thank you to the high level execs. Now you just need to take off Randy and replace him with someone else… if I hear him say “dawg” one more time I think I might go Rottweiler on his gastric bypass behind. This could be a disaster for Paula’s career.. .however she will have other opportunities… for example: she can endorse “Sleepy’s” or “Nyquil” since she is very farmiliar with sleeping and downers.

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Jess said...

When I suggested you write about Paula Abdul leaving AI, I didn't mean a celebration. Without her prescription pill fueled comments on singers the quality of the show is going wayyyyyyy down.