Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Sookie and Bill from Years Ago

Original Sin Film Premiere

Flashback. Before Angelina got with her handsome prince Brad... she had a dark side with her ex-hubby Billy Bob. Let's put it this way... if "Fangtasia" from True Blood really existed you would surely find her all up in this joint.

When I used to think of the name Billy Bob I would stereotype and think of an overweight high school kid with a twangy accent with constant trails of bbq and grease stains on his shirt from eating at the local Piggly Wiggly. Now… that I am older and wiser… I just associate the name with that horrible dragon tattoo Angelina got taken off her arm years ago.

(Smart idea Angie. Since she now tattoos symbols representing her children …she needs to make room on that little arm too fit the children she has now AND the handful of kids her and Brad will most likely adopt in the years to come.)

Angelina is a far cry from that wild child she was like years ago. A side note to True Blood’s Sookie and Bill… these two came WAY before your time freaks. They used to walk around with viles of blood around each others neck. Umhum... hardcore. I wonder if BILLy Bob used to say in a raspy voice “Angelina is miiinne.” She was way too hot for him... he MUST have "glamoured" her.

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