Saturday, August 22, 2009


Premiere Of 20th Century Foxs John Tucker Must Die

Oh yeah… them.

Nelly and Ashanti have reportedly split. Not like you care…I mean….their names haven’t seen the charts in how many years? This news just reminded me of when I was a senior in high school and I would walk out to my red beat up Geo Prism in the parking lot and cross my fingers it would actually start- and when it did… I would roll down the windows and blare “must be the monnnnneeeyyy” from my stereo. Then when the track “EI” came out… forget about.

My love for Nelly soon ended (as well as his career) when he came out with “Shake ya Tail Feather” feautring Diddy. That song just spread on the cheese factor and I would just became irritated and paranoid when I heard it thinking there were cops behind me every two seconds with that repetitive siren beat. Ashanti had like one hit and the fact I can't remember the song doesn't help her cause.

Hopefully their hearts will mend. Worse comes to worse Nelly’s publicist could get him a dating show on VH1. That’d make the pain go away quickly.... just like pulling off a Band-Aid… right Nelly?

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